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New York Attorney General Tries To Protect People-Environment From 400 Fold Increase In Radiation And Other Toxic Dangers; Gets Accused Of Abuse By Ex-Girlfriends

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[Update note: While the international radiation exposure “standard” and the US NRC “standard” for discharges from nuclear sites is 1 mSv per year for the general public, for the US EPA it is 0.25 mSv. Calabrese, cited in the Trump-Pruitt EPA press release, has pushed for exposure of 100 mSv per year or higher, making a 400 fold increase. The title has been corrected, accordingly. 1 mSv is 100 mrem.]
If you are physically abused report it immediately to police, not to the media. Media – do your fxcking job and expose all of the many bad things which are out there about Trump and his admin. They are legion. Lay off with the unproven allegations with fishy timing against the people who are trying to save democracy, including freedom of the press, and the environment.
Hey New Yorker, how about exposing this attempt by Trump…

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  1. They just don’t give up! This is the same thing they tried to run through the US NRC under Obama:

    Comment by miningawareness | May 9, 2018 | Reply

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