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Hitachi boss to meet Britain’s Prime Minister May in bid for direct government funding of Wylfa nuclear power project

Times 2nd May 2018 , The boss of Hitachi is expected to meet the prime minister tomorrow in an
attempt to secure UK government investment in its proposed nuclear plant on
Anglesey. Hiroaki Nakanishi is scheduled to meet Theresa May as the clock
ticks on the company’s deadline to agree the outlines of a financial
support package by the middle of this year.
Hitachi, the Japanese conglomerate, has spent £2 billion so far on its Horizon venture, which is
developing plans for a new power station at Wylfa. It has threatened to
withdraw funding unless it receives assurances that financial support can
be agreed. The 2.9-gigawatt power station is due to start generating in the
mid-2020s, becoming Britain’s second new nuclear plant after the £19.6
billion Hinkley Point plant being built in Somerset.

May 2, 2018 - Posted by | politics, UK

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  1. The waste to be dumped there is an awful lot like the plutonium, uranium, other radionuclides at Hanford in america, created to make the first bombs! Sellafield is the most grotesque nuclear mess imaginable, in europe. To this day.
    Sellafield could catch fire at anytime because of its archaic and decaying containment. A fire, there would dwarf chernobyl fallout, and contaminate most of Europe.

    Just because hinkley waste mud and sellafield, are british does not mean the british are any better or more honest about managing their radioactive filth and lethal waste, than any other nucleoape state.

    In fact, they are worse because they have a massive spook machine like MI6 and the specific, secret, nuclear-security apparatus and organ. Their nuclear-security organ has some, of the best spooks and PR apparatus in the world! Look at how they employed Lady Judge to Lie, decieve, put p3ople in harms way, at Fukushima! The UK has the worst-contained, and most barbaric, dangerously-deteriorating nuclear waste dumps in the world. They are located at sellafield and hinkley. Now they want to build more reactors!

    Comment by Ken | May 3, 2018 | Reply

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