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Pressure on assistant professor to downplay dangers of nuclear power

Hokkaido METI bureau requested changes to nuclear energy part of high school lecture  (Mainichi Japan) SAPPORO – High-ranking officials from the local bureau of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) requested that an assistant professor change an October 2017 lecture to high school students pointing out the dangers of nuclear power, it has been learned.


April 9, 2018 - Posted by | civil liberties, Japan

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  1. I grew-up in a small, town, dependent on the nuclear industry. That was in the late seventies.

    My excellent, High School Science teacher, taught chemistry, physics and physiology. He had been on a nuclear submarine, in the sixties. He only said that he was explicitly antinuclear, a couple of times in the 2 years, i took his classes..

    He threw out truth bombs, like that, everytime there is an open-air nuclear explosion, 100,000 people will get leukemia. He pointed out emerging solar technology. He talked, a bit about down-winder cancer clusters.

    Nuclear power is criminal. Nuclear weapons are psychotic. All man-made radionuclides are teratogenic, genotoxic, carcinogenic and can be lethal, in very small quantities. It is the same for most refined, natural radionuclides.

    If the truth were told about radionuclides, nuclear power, nuclear bombs, in high school and college, they would be criminalized. If honest, factual classes were taught about radionuclides, nuclear psychosis would be criminalized and endeavors to perpetuate it, ended.

    If the truth as it relates to each field were taught in chemistry, biochemistry, physics, physiology classes, instead of lies, half truths, or ignoring the facts and truth altogether, radionuclides would not be produced. There would be serious, world-wide efforts to safely sequester radioactive poisons that exist.

    I hope he is still alive, he is a hero in an ocean of cowards, empty shells, and psychotic nuclear promoters.

    Comment by Ken | April 9, 2018 | Reply

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