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Madeleine Allbright on Donald Trump and the threat of fascism

Will We Stop Trump
Before It’s Too Late?  Fascism poses a more serious threat now than
at any time since the end of World War II.  


April 6, 2018 - Posted by | general


  1. Trump is a fascist but Madelaine Albright is a neoliberal, neoconservative fascist lite. Her ilk bombed libaya to hell.

    Albright wand her neoconservative ilk installed nazis in ukraine, to create a perpetual civil war there. A nuclear will hellhole , with decrepit unmaintained reactors on the vwrge of blowing up.  

    Creeps like her paved the way for trump. 80 of us live from paycheck to paycheck. It will be much worse with, and after Trump too as he shuts things like the VA. 

    We live in a chemical and radioctive sewer. One can barely navigate the sidewalks of our glittering glamerous cities, strewn with the bodies homless people who cannot afford the outrageous rent. Go to a doctor. Get some pills. The pills dont work. You pay the bill. You still get the bill sent to 10 collection agencies, that hound you the rest of your life. Homeless children in tent cities, shantytowns.9

     47% of our hard earned tax money goes to fund drone bombings in other countries” or as trump and obama said, why didn’t the drone killed the family we wanted it to kill.” It goes arms and nuks. 60 billion a year goes to intelligence agencies that spy on us 

    Couple spied on, raided and kidnapped by feds for peaceful posts questioning gov’t
    Posted oApril 6, 2018 
    Arrested and thrown in jail for posting on facebook

    Madelaine albright is fine with that or isralies murdering palestinians. Shes fine with that too. Shes fine with blood thirsty dictatters installed in guatemala and honduras by Clinton, that forced refugees to murica and put more pressure on the underclasses here. 174 million here drink radioactive radium water. The rest probly do to, with pesticides, microplastic, lead and other goodies.

    Comment by Ken | April 7, 2018 | Reply

    • Ken – thank you – and I couldn’t agree more! The thing is – the world situation is getting so desperate – I feel that I have to note and publish pretty much everything sensible that is written – despite the author.
      By the way – I’ve been watching German and French political thriller series – like “Berlin Station” and “Less hommes de l’ombre” – making me more aware of the shades of grey and black….

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | April 7, 2018 | Reply

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