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Nuclear news this Fukushima disaster anniversary week

Tomorrow, Sunday March 11,  will mark the seventh anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. I’m not sure that the mainstream media will cover this properly – or even at all. Radioactive debris piling up at Fukushima interim facility.  The  costly underground “Ice wall” to prevent radioactive leakage has not really been effective.  Radioactive water continues to pour into the Pacific ocean. Exposures levels go up while environmental health protections are lifted: life is devalued.   No. of children at time of Fukushima disaster diagnosed with thyroid cancer reaches 160. Fukushima Nuclear Fuel Release “Explicitly Revealed” In Wider Environment. Fleeing from Fukushima: a nuclear evacuation reality check.

The power of the people Safecast gets the facts on Fukushima radiation.

Crucial US-North Korea talks – could defuse nuclear tensions? Donald Trump’s historic gamble on meeting Kim Jong Un – so much could go wrong.

A sad reflection on International Women’s Day –   Climate change ‘impacts women more than men

Seven years on, Fukushima still a disaster without a solution Toshiko Okada will be speaking in Australia 

NORTH KOREA.  Kim Jong Un wants to meet Donald Trump; Trump agrees.  North Korea might send Kim Jong-un’s sister to USA for diplomatic talks on the nuclear crisis.


JAPAN. Japanese govt announced that it will accept recommendations of United Nations Human Rights Council on rights of Fukushima evacuees.   Falsified data on analyses of burying radioactive waste  – Kobe Steel again.

Fukushima 7 years after, Fukushima still struggling to return to normal.  Nuclear regulator: Fukushima accident not over.    Vietnamese trainee misled into Fukushima decontamination work.  Controversy in Thailand over Thai Officials Insisting that Fukushima Imported Fish is Safe! Fukushima Contaminated Food Products Are Receiving Top-level Promotion.

UK. UK police say Sergei Skripa, former Russian spy, was poisoned with nerve agent.   Need to monitor beaches near Dounreay, as another toxic radioactive fragment is found.

FRANCE.  The tiny village leading France’s anti-nuclear movement.   France: Police battle protesters over nuclear waste storage plans.   Radioactive leaks from Bugey nuclear power plant, near Lyon.

SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia lobbying USA hard to get nuclear technology including enriching uranium

INDIA. Protest: President Macron should not impose a problematic French EPR reactor on India.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa cannot afford to build a new nuclear reactor, but Environmental Dept gave permit anyway.


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  1. Very nice compilation! thank you for your efforts Christina.

    Comment by stock | March 10, 2018 | Reply

  2. Julian assange is trying to influence elections again. He is a real piece of work. It is like people say:”People cannot trust many internet personalities.” So many are whores, getting money from questionable sources, like assange.
    Some are in trouble like Assange and Montbiot.
    George Montbiot is the fukushima denier, and british nuclear cabal cheerleader. Montbiot has been sued by half the house of lords, in britain, for libel.
    Same for Assange. A sort of captive , mercenary whore-propagandist. He says a majority of democratic candidates are cia. There are not enough cia or former cia, to do that.
    There is good news, there are many anti-nuke and progressive candidates running for congress. Obviously none are republican. The odell brothers and especially wally were former deepstate NSA spys, that established the easily flipped rigged electronic voting network in the United States, for republicans.
    The republican party is overrun by deepstate operatives and generals. George w bush, eliot abrams (supremo NSA goon and american traiter)gave the deep state carte blanche to spy on americans, without a warrant, and tax us 100 billion a year to do so. Screw you Julian assange, you duplicitice, spook, rat-bastard.

    Comment by Ken | March 10, 2018 | Reply

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