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Donald Trump’s historic gamble on meeting Kim Jong Un – so much could go wrong

Donald Trump’s historic bet on Kim Jong Un summit shatters decades of orthodoxy Straits Times 9 Mar 18  WASHINGTON (BLOOMBERG) – US President Donald Trump took the biggest gamble of his presidency on Thursday (March 8), breaking decades of US diplomatic orthodoxy by accepting an invitation to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The bet is that Mr Trump’s campaign to apply maximum economic pressure on Mr Kim’s regime has forced him to consider what was previously unthinkable: surrendering the illicit nuclear weapons programme begun by his father.

If the president is right, the US would avert what appeared at times last year (2017) to be a steady march towards a second Korean War………

Regardless of how it turns out, the stunning decision by Mr Trump hands Mr Kim a prize long sought by the regime’s ruling dynasty: the legitimacy conferred by a historic meeting with the sitting president.

So much could go wrong.

…….Senator Brian Schatz, a Hawaii Democrat, applauded Mr Trump’s diplomatic effort.

“Expectations should be low and history demonstrates that scepticism and careful diplomatic work are necessary, but it is better to be talking about peace than recklessly ramping up for a war,” he said on Twitter.


Mr Adam Mount, a senior fellow at the Federation of American Scientists, said that while the talks would extend the period of relative warmth that began during the Olympics, denuclearisation remained “extremely unlikely”.

Nuclear weapons are fundamental to the Kim family’s grip on power at home.

“Kim Jong Un has rational incentives to keep his nuclear arsenal,” Mr Mount said in a phone interview.

He also cautioned that the meeting was “a massive coup” for a regime that “wants to be seen as a regular nuclear power”.

It could lend Mr Kim insights into how the US and South Korea coordinate, and the regime could test Mr Trump by asking for exorbitant terms in exchange for denuclearisation.

“I do worry about a president who has no foreign policy experience getting out-manoeuvred,” he said. “I don’t trust Donald Trump alone in a room with Kim Jong Un.”



March 10, 2018 - Posted by | North Korea, politics international, USA

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  1. Julian assange is trying to influence elections again. He is a real piece of work. It is like people say:”People cannot trust many internet personalities.” So many are whores, getting money from questionable sources, like assange.
    Some are in trouble like Assange and Montbiot.
    George Montbiot is the fukushima denier, and british nuclear cabal cheerleader. Montbiot has been sued by half the house of lords, in britain, for libel.
    Same for Assange. A sort of captive , mercenary whore-propagandist. He says a majority of democratic candidates are cia. There are not enough cia or former cia, to do that.
    There is good news, there are many anti-nuke and progressive candidates running for congress. Obviously none are republican. The odell brothers and especially wally were former deepstate NSA spys, that established the easily flipped rigged electronic voting network in the United States, for republicans.
    The republican party is overrun by deepstate operatives and generals. George w bush, eliot abrams (supremo NSA goon and american traiter)gave the deep state carte blanche to spy on americans, without a warrant, and tax us 100 billion a year to do so. Screw you Julian assange, you duplicitous jerk

    Comment by Nick | March 10, 2018 | Reply

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