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High stakes talks as Trump forces a deadline on revising Iran nuclear deal

Trump’s Iran nuclear deal deadline is forcing tough talks with Europe. It’s not certain they’ll work, CNBC, 1 Mar 18, 

  • The United States and Europe are engaged in high-stakes talks after President Donald Trump imposed a deadline to revise the Iran nuclear deal.
  • Sanctions experts say Americans and Europeans always meant to return to the negotiation table, but Trump’s ultimatum has forced the issue sooner than expected.
  • It remains uncertain whether U.S. and European diplomats will be able to reach a deal on the toughest issue.

President Donald Trump‘s campaign to beef up the Iran nuclear deal is forcing diplomats to address thorny issues that negotiators tabled during years of diplomacy to prevent Iran from developing an atomic weapon.

Those issues are now being addressed in high-stakes talks between Europeans, who are intent on preserving the accord, and the Trump administration, which believes the agreement is fundamentally flawed. The parties face a deadline in May imposed by Trump.

Americans and Europeans always intended to revisit those issues at some point, sanctions experts say. But the hard line adopted by the president has forced the trans-Atlantic partners to revisit them sooner than many expected.

 Now, Europeans and Americans are racing to resolve their differences. Earlier this year, Trump said he will refuse to waive sanctions against Iran in May if his administration cannot reach an agreement with Europe.

That would effectively kill the deal, removing limits on Iran’s nuclear program. On the economic front, it would upend plans by European industrial and energy giants to restore business ties in Iran and disrupt energy supplies from the country, OPEC’s third-biggest oil producer.

The 2015 deal lifted sanctions against Iran in exchange for Tehran accepting limits on its nuclear program and allowing the International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect its facilities………

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