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Quebec Labour Tribunal rules in favour of man who claims he developed cancer from radiation at work

Tribunal rules in favour of man who claims he developed cancer from radiation at work Staff , January 26, 2018  The labour tribunal in Quebec has ruled in favour of a Trois Rivieres man who says he developed “aggressive” cancer from radiation exposure at work.

As the director of quality control at a sugar refinery previously known as Sucre BBR, Michel Plante used an X-ray machine to ensure the sugar was free of metal. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2014, and underwent surgery.  Less than a year later, he was also diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Plante is now taking legal action because he claims his workplace made him sick. His claim is backed by the labour tribunal, which recently ruled that there’s reason to believe the X-ray machine exposed Plante to unsafe amounts of radiation.

After the X-ray machine Plante used at work was sold to a company in Ontario, it was tested and determined to be emitting higher levels of radiation than permitted.  Plante’s lawyer, Sophie Mongeon, said the objective of the legal action is “not financial.”  “Our objective is purely for the workers,” she told CTV Montreal.

Radiation oncologist Dr. Bernard Fortin, who studied the files related to Plante’s case, said he agrees that the workplace radiation exposure was unsafe.

“Even if the cancer was not related to the radiation exposure, (Plante) must have been exposed, and that’s not OK,” Dr. Fortin told CTV Montreal………


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