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Nuclear waste can cause high radiation levels and raise temperature levels.

Energy Business Review 12th Jan 2018,…..waste generated from nuclear activity can pose a
significant risk to the environment if it is not properly handled. The vast
amount of nuclear waste created by power plants can lead to high radiation
and raise temperature levels.

In recent years, many concerns have been raised over the disposal of radioactive waste and harmful radiations fromthe nuclear plants. The transmission of this radiation can cause a
potential damage to the surrounding atmosphere.

The cost of managing the nuclear waste is also high. The damage that could be caused by mishandling
of nuclear waste came into focus after the occurrence of Fukushima nuclear
disaster in Japan in 2011. Spent fuel rods were found to be one of the
major causes of the radioactive emission for the accident that took place
at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima, Japan.

The nuclear accident is considered as the second worst nuclear disaster in the
world. The Kyshtym nuclear disaster also occurred as a result of a
radioactive contamination accident that took place on 29 September 1957 at
Mayak, a plutonium manufacturing facility Russia for nuclear fuel
reprocessing plant of the Soviet Union. A failure of the cooling system
used for one of the tanks containing about 70–80 tons of liquid
radioactive waste had led to the accident. The event resulted in hundreds
of deaths of the people staying in nearby villages to the production site.

The various types of nuclear waste include uranium tailings, transuranic
(TRU) waste, low-level nuclear waste, intermediate-level waste, high-level
waste and spent fuel rods.

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