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Nuclear And Shale Are Wrecking Britain

Impact4All 11th Jan 2018, ‘Nuclear And Shale Are Wrecking Britain’, Says Top UK Solar Boss.
Jeremy Leggett is the founder of Solar Century, an international solar
solutions company, and chairman of the Carbon Tracker Initiative, a
financial-sector think-tank warning of carbon-fuel asset-stranding risk to
the capital markets.

Here, he tells Alicia Buller why he hopes the ‘great
renewable energy transition will help bring truth to the fore’. As a
businessperson I know that that I could – rightly – be sent to jail for
telling a single lie to my stakeholders. The first VW executive just been
jailed ­– rightly – for telling one big lie as part of an
institutionalised fraud.

Yet politicians, particularly rightist populist
politicians, tell lies on an almost daily basis, backed and echoed by
like-minded media organs such as the Daily Mail, and there is no meaningful
recourse for civil society, as things stand. That pains me and I want to
see it changed.

My hope is that the unfolding of the great global energy
transition, with its many intrinsic social benefits, will help in that
wider process of societal recasting, bringing community, equality, and
truth to the fore.

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