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Nuclear industry desperately lobbying for financial help. to be counted as “clean”

It’s all about money.

The “new nuclear” lobby is working hard, to get the tax and other advantages that the industry could get, if it could get nuclear power formally accepted as a clean method of reducing global warming. In the past, the nuclear industry used to deny global warming. But now they see it as a lifeline for their otherwise doomed industry.
Now the modern gurus of “New Nuclear” have written an open letter to the UN, in Trump-like manner, bewailing “UN discrimination” against them.
Their letter does us all a bit of  a favour, clearly listing the current most prominent nuclear lobbyists and “environmental” front groups
The letter, to  Erik Solheim  Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programming, accuses United Nations Environment Program ( UNEP) of “an act of discrimination” against the nuclear industry .
It goes on to the importance of climate change, – claiming that action against it will fail without nuclear power. They quote “Environmental Progress:”  – “intense investment in renewable technology has resulted in virtually no decarbonisation of global energy” They claim that nuclear power is essential to reduce carbon emissions.  They claim that “evidence is undeniable “that nuclear power can achieve rapid decarbonisation.  They attack UNEP as“discarding the scientific process  in favour of ideology”. Colourful condemnation of this United Nations body goes on  – we must “unshackle from the suspicions and hostility of an obsolete era of environmentalism”.
The letter is signed by:
Ben Heard, –  Executive Director, Bright New World

Eric Meyer-  Co-Founder and Director Generation Atomic
Heather Matteson – Co-Founder, Mothers for Nuclear
Kirsty Gogan, – Co-Founder and Director, Energy for Humanity
Kristin Zaitz – Co-Founder, Mothers for Nuclear
Michael Shellenberger – Founder, Environmental ProgressPhil Ord,-  President, Americans for Nuclear Energy

Phumzile J. Oliphant,Chairperson -Thyspunt Nuclear Development Forum, South Africa

Rauli Partanen- Independent Author and Founder,Finnish Ecomodernist Society

Taylor Stevenson-  Co-Founder and Director, Generation Atomic

Followerd by endorsement from a whole heap of nuclear industry supporters

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  1. It would be a great help if this info could be more clearly formatted. And especially if the points could be succinctly refuted and to point out what forms of energy, like solar and wind or tidal are truly sustainable possibilities. That Nuclear energy facilities definitely produce fuel for nuclear warheads and bombs should be clearly pointed out, as highly enriched uranium and noxious Plutonium products.

    Comment by mrice12 | January 3, 2018 | Reply

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