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Former US UN Ambassador John Bolton says that only US military action can stop North Korea’s nuclear arsenal

North Korea SHOCK warning: US military action only option to DESTROY Kim’s nuclear arsenal, Sunday Express, AURORA BOSOTTI, 31 Dec 17,  NORTH KOREA will not give up its nuclear arsenal unless the United States military intervenes to “pre-emptively destroy” it, former US UN Ambassador John Bolton said.

North Korea has refused to heed calls to stop its nuclear development programme and continues to fuel fears of World War 3 within the international community.

Mr Bolton warned that military action from the US would be the only possibility to ultimately end Kim Jong-un’s threat campaign.

He said: “I think we are going to come down to a binary choice. That is the use of military force is one possibility to pre-emptively destroy North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities. Or we allow North Korea to have nuclear weapons.”

Mr Bolton warned Pyongyang would not give up its weapons as it nears full nuclear capability.

The former US ambassador told Fox News: “There’s zero chance that after 25 years of pressure, this close to the finish line, they are going to give it up.

“It’s not going to happen.”

North Korea was hit with a swathe of new sanctions after defying orders to terminate its nuclear development programme and conducting several missile tests – threatening both Japan and the US overseas territory of Guam…..


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