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USA plans for seizing North Korea’s nuclear weapons if the regime fails

North Korea nuclear weapons up for grabs if regime falls, THE United States has revealed what would happen if it entered North Korea and what its first objective would be after entering. Debra Killalea and AFP 19, 2017  WASHINGTON has told China how it plans to secure North Korea’s nuclear arsenal in the event of a Kim regime collapse.

The plan, which aims to avoid a clash between the rival powers, was revealed by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson last week and would see America enter North Korea searching for weapons.

During a talk to the Atlantic Council last week, Mr Tillerson said the Trump administration has provided assurances to Beijing that if US troops landed in North Korea they would do their job, but would not stay.

The comment aimed to reassure China that the United States would not occupy North Korea if the Kim regime fell.

Beijing views North Korea as a buffer state preventing the 28,500 US troops in South Korea from camping on its doorstep.

Mr Tillerson said the US and China “have had conversations about in the event that something happened — it could happen internal to North Korea; it might be nothing that we from the outside initiate — that if that unleashed some kind of instability, the most important thing to us would be securing those nuclear weapons they’ve already developed and ensuring that they — that nothing falls into the hands of people we would not want to have it.”

He said the US was not seeking regime collapse or that the country planned to send forces north of the demilitarized zone. …….

Beijing had refused US calls to discuss the possible collapse of its neighbour for years, but according to Mr Tillerson top US and Chinese military officials have finally met to discuss the once-taboo topic.

New York-based Political analyst and Asian specialist Sean King told he wasn’t sure what to make out of Mr Tillerson’s remarks.

Mr King, a senior vice-president of Park Strategies, said Mr Tillerson’s thinking appears out of sync with that of US President Donald Trump…….

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