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Rick Perry’s strange point of view, North West Arkansas

 Democrat GazetteBy GAIL COLLINS New York Times News Service,  November 12, 2017 Oh, that Rick Perry.

Our secretary of energy was in South Africa recently for Africa Oil Week. Whenever the word “oil” is mentioned, Perry responds like a dog on the scent of a hamburger. So no surprise there. We wouldn’t even have noticed he was gone, except for the part where he suggested that fossil fuels would protect women from sexual assault………

Rick Perry is an absolutely terrible secretary of energy. We all remember that he took the job without realizing that his central responsibility would be overseeing the safe handling of nuclear materials, a topic he knew nothing whatsoever about. Interested bystanders recalled sadly that Barack Obama’s first secretary was a Nobel Prize-winning scientist and the second a nuclear physicist.

On the other hand, Rick Perry once shot a coyote while jogging.

He claims.

Anyhow, Perry and Donald Trump are of one mind about the Department of Energy’s new mission, which is making our nation “energy dominant.” Once it was all about energy independence, and that’s going pretty well, thanks to solar and wind power and natural gas. Now, the administration’s obsession is to find new ways to market our fossil fuels, including an increasingly large amount of excess oil……….

…….a little village girl could put a solar cell on the roof and power a battery for her reading light. And no pollution. That’s exactly the kind of thinking that drives Perry nuts. So there he was in Cape Town, spreading the faith and urging his audience to break the “culture of shame” around oil and coal.

Africa was actually the worst place possible for a U.S. official to be waving the fossil fuel flag. Climate scientists expect it to be particularly hard hit by global warming, with expanding droughts on one hand and flooding on the other……….


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