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Now you can get an app to show you your town as if obliterated by nuclear bomb – what fun!

Nuclear Detonation App Lets You Target Your Own Hometown US News, By RUSTY MARKS, The Exponent Telegram CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) 12 Nov 17,  — With current talk of the threat of nuclear war with North Korea, did you ever wonder what would happen if someone dropped a nuclear weapon on your hometown?

There’s an app for that.

Nukemap, which can be found at, is an interactive Google Maps program developed in 2012 by Allen Wellerstein, a historian who studies the history of nuclear weapons.

“It’s sort of a morbid thing to play with, but it’s also very interesting,” said Alex Burns, a historian who teaches a course in modern military history at West Virginia University. Burns is familiar with Nukemap, having tried the program out himself……….

Users of the program can type in any town, just about anywhere in the world, and pick the type of bomb they want to detonate, either on the ground or in an airburst. Click the box to calculate casualties to find out how many people might be killed or injured in the blast.

Wellerstein has said the estimated effects of the blasts should be taken with a grain of salt, and they don’t take into account long-term effects of fallout or radiation or variables like the weather or the height a bomb is detonated at. But the results give some idea of what might happen a nuclear blast.

According to Nukemap, a 150-kiloton nuclear airburst over Charleston, the state’s capital, could be expected to kill about 36,200 people and injure another 37,680. One hundred fifty kilotons is thought to be the largest nuclear warhead developed by the North Koreans.

Want to nuke Big Ugly? One hundred seventy dead and 2,100 wounded. War? One thousand eighty killed and 1,390 wounded……..

Nukemap says a 150-kiloton explosion over the South Korean capital Seoul could be expected to kill nearly 417,000 people and leave almost 1.9 million wounded. An airburst over Tokyo might leave almost 455,000 dead and 1.7 million wounded.

An airburst over Los Angeles, assuming North Korean missiles can reach that far, might kill 215,500 people and injure 620,500, according to Nukemap.

In comparison, a retaliatory strike against Pyongyang, North Korea with a single 300-kiloton Minuteman III missile could be expected to leave nearly 841,000 people dead and more than 1 million wounded………

Burns wonders if modern generations understand how devastating a nuclear war could be……..

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