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November 8 Energy News



¶ “Lazard: Wind & Solar Power Costs Continue To Fall, Putting Coal & Nuclear At A Disadvantage” • Lazard’s new Levelized Cost of Energy report shows costs of onshore wind and solar fell while others did not. So just operating a coal-fired facility may now be more costly than building and operating a solar or wind power installation. [CleanTechnica]

MHI Vestas offshore wind farm

¶ “Hotel in One of Earth’s Driest Places Is Powered by the Sun” • Chile’s Atacama Desert is so dry that some parts of it have never seen precipitation, and there’s rarely lasting cloud-cover. While these conditions are hostile for human life, some businesses believe they are just right to host enough solar panels to power all of South America. [National Geographic]

¶ “White House admits Trump climate policies will destroy all US coastal property” • The massive climate report released by…

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