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11/11 Rally-Speak Out At SF Japan Consulate-Stop Abe Government From Restarting NUKE Plants

11/11 Rally-Speak Out At SF Japan Consulate-Stop Abe Government From Restarting NUKE Plants & Defend the Children and Families of Fukushima

Rally Speak Out
Saturday November 11, 2017 3:00 PM
San Francisco Japanese Consulate
275 Battery St. near California St.
San Francisco

Despite the denials by the Japanese Abe government, Fukushima continues to contaminate the population of the area and the world. The government has declared that the area has been decontaminated but the radioactive water continues to accumulate in thousands of tanks. The clean-up has failed to even remove the radioactive material from the reactors that melted down due to the deadly high level of radiation that has even destroyed robots. There is already 22 million cu. meters of contaminated waste yet the government continues to claim that it is safe to return and is pushing to restart additional nuclear reactors.
The government is also pushing ahead to demand that the residents including families return to Fukushima or face the removal of their subsidies. This despite the fact that the courts have ruled that TEPCO now controlled by the government is financially responsible for the costs of this disaster for the people.
The government at the same time has declared that it is preparing for a massive Nankai Trough earthquake on Japan’s Pacific coast that according to even the government’s own estimate might kill 320,000 people yet it is planning to reopen nuclear plants in the very places it says there is a danger of a major historic quake that would create many nuclear meltdowns and a massive nuclear cloud of radioactive contamination threatening not just Japan but entire humanity and the environment.

The effort to reopen the nuclear plants is now combined with growing repression of the people with a secrecy bill and conspiracy law that will allow the government to charge journalists and citizens with crimes who are working to get information out about the dangers of Fukushima and the nuclear power industry.
The Abe government is now working with Trump to remilitarize and remove Article 9 of the constitution which forbids offensive war and Trump is demanding that Japan buy more military equipment and weapons. Over 40,000 people marched in Tokyo last weekend to oppose war and militarization yet the government is pushing ahead despite mass opposition.

It is time to speak out to defend the people of Fukushima and oppose the restarting of Japan’s nuclear plants and oppose militarization of Japan including the development of nuclear weapons.

Make sure your voice be heard.

Speak Out and Rally initiated by
No Nukes Action Committee


November 8, 2017 - Posted by | ACTION

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