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Armenia’s antiquated Metsamor nuclear power plant

Washington Post 1st Nov 2017, About 20 miles from Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan sits the antiquated
Metsamor nuclear power plant. The plant (located in a town also called
Metsamor) has long been a cause for concern for at least two reasons: It
was built without containment vessels, and it sits in a seismic zone.

In fact, it was closed in 1989 after a devastating earthquake hit nearby. In
2011, National Geographic even suggested that it might be the world’s
most dangerous nuclear plant. According to a 1995 Washington Post article,
the plant was reopened because Armenia was desperate to have energy after
its neighbor, Azerbaijan, imposed an energy blockade. According to the
article, back then, “As many as one-third of Armenia’s 3.6 million
people have left, for months at a time or longer, because winters are
unbearable and factories stand idle.”

Despite the risks, the power plant is still open, and people still live in the town created for the plant’s
workers. There seem to be few alternatives, considering that the plant
produces a significant chunk of the country’s energy. According to the
World Nuclear Association, the power plant provided 31 percent of the total
electricity for the country in 2016.


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