The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry Fukushima Chernobyl Mayak Three Mile Island Atomic Testing Radiation Isotope

(Nuclear’s not the only problem) – the collapse of the world’s insect populations

Massive Collapse of Insect Populations Forebodes a Dire Future

26 Oct 2017

New Evidence Confirms a 76 Percent Decline in Insects

Without the Insects We’ll Lose Everything

Massive Insect Population Decline Is Underway, Could Lead to ‘Ecological Armageddon,’ Study Finds

Warning of ‘ecological Armageddon’ after dramatic plunge in insect numbers

‘This is very alarming!’: Flying insects vanish from nature preserves

Pollution kills more people than all wars and violence in the world

She needs all of us to step it up…


October 27, 2017 - Posted by | 2 WORLD, environment

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  1. The German study on insect collapse was by a Krefeld group. Half of world’s rad metal recycling is done at Siempelkampf’s (sp?) facility in Krefeld. Siempelkampf makes the Castor casks. Bees were used as an indicator by the US nuclear industry in the early days.

    Comment by miningawareness | October 29, 2017 | Reply

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