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Czech Republic breaking its legal obligations in building nuclear facility, with neighbouring countries not participating

Client Earth 17th Oct 2017, The construction of nuclear power plants in a transboundary context require
the government of the country of origin to ensure participation of the
public concerned in its own territory as well as that of the neighbouring
countries affected. Analysis by Linli-Sophie Pan-Van de Meulebroeke.

In the context of a bilateral cooperation agreement with Germany regarding the
construction of a nuclear power plant in Temelín, the Czech Republic was
alleged to be in non-compliance with Articles 3(9), 6 and 9 of the Aarhus

With regard to Article 6 of the Convention, the Compliance
Committee has confirmed the Maastricht Recommendations according to which a
transboundary context does not release the concerned Party from its
obligations under the Convention. The ultimate responsibility for ensuring
that the public participation procedure complies with Article 6 still rests
with the competent authorities of the Party of origin.


October 20, 2017 - Posted by | EUROPE, Legal

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