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Trump administration is lying about the Iran nuclear deal – says John Kerry

John Kerry says the Trump administration is ‘lying’ about the Iran nuclear deal Boston Globe  By Nik DeCosta-Klipa,12 Oct 17 

By his own description, John Kerry was in “blunt mode” Thursday.

Indeed, the former Massachusetts senator and U.S. secretary of state was unequivocal in his condemnation of President Donald Trump’s reported plans to decertify the Iran nuclear deal this week.

“The administration is lying to the American people, to put it bluntly,” Kerry said during a HUBweek forum Thursday afternoon in Boston, referring to the White House’s criticisms of the landmark 2015 deal, in which certain provisions “sunset” after as few as 10 years.

“The agreement — including the additional protocol with the right to challenge — is lifetime. It’s forever,” he said. Kerry added that there’s no evidence Iran was not complying with the deal and that, if there was, the United States was enabled under the deal to order inspections.

According to Kerry, the current relationship with Iran has come a long way since before the deal……..

Now, Kerry said even top security officials in Israel think the deal is working.

Kerry credited the 159-page deal, which he personally helped negotiate over two years, with the decommissioning of a nuclear reactor in Iran, decreasing the country’s centrifuges from 19,000 to less than 5,000, and lowering its uranium stockpiles from 12,000 kilograms to less than 300 kilograms.

“You cannot physically make a bomb with 300 kilograms,” he said.

Kerry was adamant that there is no “better deal” that Trump could realistically make and said the president was pulling his justification for decertifying the deal out of thin air simply because he “doesn’t like the deal.” Some of the most high-profile critics of Iran — and even reportedly the top security officials in Trump’s own cabinet— have urged the president against his plans to decertify the deal.

“Over eight different times, the International Atomic Energy Agency has said Iran is living up to the deal,” Kerry said Thursday.

Kerry said the International Atomic Energy Agency has said Iran is “living up to the deal” on eight separate occasions and called it “reckless,” “dangerous,” and “irresponsible” for the United States to threaten to leave it now. ….

“What I strongly recommend to Iran, to China, to Russia is that their leader be the adults in the room together with Britain and France and Germany, and that all of them together say, ‘We are going to keep this agreement, because it makes the world safer,’” Kerry said.

Watch the full interview below: [on orginal]


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