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‘Just Moms St Louis’ lobby for cleanup of Westlake Landfill nuclear waste problem

Citizen group prays for fix to Westlake Landfill nuclear waste problem, Sean Franklin , KSDK September 24, 2017,  ST. LOUIS – A citizen group that wants to clean up the West Lake Landfill prayed for a solution to what they claim could be a nuclear waste disaster.


September 25, 2017 - Posted by | general

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  1. just saw your special problem with the underground fires located in your area, I feel for you and I may have come up with a low cost solution that may solve your problem in an eco friendly way without making this problem any worse.

    Based on what I saw it may be possible to put this fire out by drilling boreholes in diameter around this fire. These boreholes would be anywhere from 50 to 175 feet deep, again, This is just a rough guess based on what I saw on your HBO special and filling or pumping in liquid CO2…This liquid CO2 would heat up, expand underground and smother this fire by depriving of the oxygen it needs to keep burning.

    Once the diameter is complete with boreholes and filled with this CO2, the centers or hot spots could be drilled and again repeat the process. If the The landfill is capped correctly the gas will do the job and I think it will, and the bigger part of your problem will be solved.

    May god be with you all…
    Gary T. from Delaware

    Comment by Gary Thiele | February 13, 2018 | Reply

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