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President Donald Trump at United Nations – an embarrassment to America?

President Trump at the United Nations: Editorial Board Roundtable, Cleveland,com 22 Sept 17 

“…………The reception to Trump’s speech fell along political lines. Nile Gardiner, an analyst at the conservative Heritage Foundation, told CNN that it was a “groundbreaking speech,” while Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California panned it as “missing an opportunity” to deal with North Korea.

So was Trump on the mark? The edtorial board roundtable offers its opinions and we wait to hear yours in the comments.

Sharon Broussard, chief editorial writer,

If only every international problem could be solved by flicking a red button and unilaterally turning belligerent nations into a pile of radioactive rubble. They can’t be. The world does better when nations work together. The path forward is slow, frustrating, often annoying diplomacy with our allies — and our enemies. Trump’s bluster is dangerous.

Thomas Suddes, editorial writer:

The speech was an embarrassment to our country.

Ted Diadiun, editorial board member:

There’s nothing wrong with a nationalist approach from a U.S. president. Donald Trump was elected at least in part by people who were weary of eight years of Barack Obama’s “Blame America First” posturing. As for the rest of Trump’s speech, the only thing more troubling than believing he is descending to schoolyard belligerence in threatening something he has no intention of carrying out — is that he is not.

Elizabeth Sullivan, director of opinion,

President Trump isn’t putting America first when his rhetoric and actions push us toward war with a nuclear-armed state. ……..


September 23, 2017 - Posted by | politics international, USA

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