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If there’s nuclear war with South Korea, Donald Trump will have headquarters in the sky

Technology 2017: President Trump’s Doomsday Plane

America’s ‘doomsday’ plane will be Donald Trump’s HQ if nuclear war breaks out with North Korea, , 21 Sept 17 TAKE a look on board the “doomsday” plane which will protect Donald Trump’s team if nuclear war becomes a reality. THESE incredible photos reveal the inner workings of the ‘Doomsday’ planes — America’s secretive set of jets designed to wage nuclear war from the skies.
The specially-designed aircraft follow President Donald Trump wherever he travels in Air Force One in case nuclear war erupts, reports The Sun.

Known officially as National Airborne Operation Centres, they allow US leaders and wartime hawks to issue directives and wage war from the sky.

The Boeing E-4Bs costs around $A311 million each to create and $A201,000 per hour to operate.

They also feature a vast array of defence mechanisms, including the ability to withstand electromagnetic pulses.

The jets’ crews also use traditional analog flight instruments to navigate as they are less susceptible to cyber attack.

The aeroplanes, while not technically secret, are rarely mentioned — the air force does not even publicly acknowledge owning some of them. In operation since the 1970s, these airborne command posts were long considered the best chance for a Cold War president to survive a nuclear attack……..


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