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Nuclear power simply IS NOT ‘zero-carbon technology’

 Letter to Guardian, Ian Hill, Guardian 14th Sept 2017, Your excellent editorial on the reducing cost of offshore
wind power (13 September) is timely in identifying the increasingly futile
case for new nuclear build. It does, however, repeat the fallacy that
nuclear power “is a zero-carbon technology”.

The carbon emissions involved in building such immense structures, in mining and transporting uranium,
and in the transport, reprocessing and storage of waste, contribute to a
considerable carbon burden. Estimates vary considerably, but studies
suggest that the emissions from nuclear generation could be one-10th of
those of fossil fuels, but twice those of wind power.

Furthermore, the need for a continuous supply is of only limited use when consumption patterns
become distorted by, for example, the increased need to charge electric
vehicles overnight, as your leader identifies. What is needed now,
alongside continued investment in the latest generation of renewable
production, is increased investment into a wide range of storage
technologies, and further research and investment into the production of
renewable heat.

Tackling the energy challenge is plainly within our grasp
as new technologies come to the market. The challenge now is not a
technological one, it is a political one. Sadly, that is a political
challenge which our current government seem unable to address.


September 16, 2017 - Posted by | 2 WORLD, climate change

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