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Update To Hurricane Irma Nuclear Power Mysteries: US NRC Contradicts Itself On Second Turkey Point Nuclear Reactor Shutdown, Defective Parts and More

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US Nuclear Power Stations reactor status for Tuesday Sept. 12, 2017, showing Turkey Pt. Reactors and St. Lucie 1 at 0% output to grid.

In the blog they state that the second Turkey Pt. Nuclear reactor shut down automatically, whereas in the reactor events notice they state that it was manually shutdown: “MANUAL REACTOR TRIP ON LOWERING STEAM GENERATOR WATER LEVEL: On 09/10/17 at 1855 [EDT], [Turkey Point] Unit 4 reactor was manually tripped from 88% RTP [Rated Thermal Power] due to a failure of 4C Steam Generator main feed regulating valve causing lowering S/G [Steam Generator] level…. The licensee is investigating the failure of the feed regulating valve. Offsite power is available. Decay heat is being removed via main feedwater with steam discharged to atmosphere using the ADVs [Atmospheric Dump Valves]. There is no known primary-secondary steam generator tube leakage“.

NukePro points out: “Plant was…

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