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Nuclear power: unsafe, unreliable, expensive, and brings unsolved toxic waste problem

Nuclear energy is unsafe and unreliable. And we still don’t know what to do with nuclear waste, LA Times, Roger Johnson, San Clemente, 14 Sept 17  

After endless promises that nuclear waste could be stored safely, we now learn that there is no place to safely store tens of thousands of tons of uranium and plutonium for hundreds of thousands of years. (“There’s no great answer for nuclear waste, but almost anything is better than perching it on the Pacific,” editorial, Sept. 11)

The current industry “solution” is to store it unsafely where it was generated (near major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and San Diego) or to get political revenge and force it on Nevada (a state that produces no nuclear waste and continues to suffer from 928 atom bomb tests).

Did anyone notice that two of Florida’s nuclear power plants quickly shut down before the hurricane? Or that South Carolina has abandoned construction of two new plants after wasting $8 billion on them? How about the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Stationbeing closed following a generator failure and radiation accident?

The public is finally realizing that nuclear energy is environmentally unfriendly, very expensive, completely unreliable and very dangerous. Add to that the current dilemma: There still is nowhere to store the toxic waste [the plants] generate.


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