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Hurricane Irma Nuclear Power Mysteries: FPL Didn’t Shutdown Second Turkey Pt. Nuclear Reactor – It Shut Itself Down; St. Lucie Nuclear Power Station Unit Has Salt Buildup On Insulators In The Switchyard

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Radar showing Hurricane Irma with its eye north of Cuba and south of the Florida Keys. Turkey Point Nuclear Power Station sits just north of Key Largo on Biscayne Bay.

Turkey Point Nuclear (and non-nuclear) Generating Station on Biscayne Bay.

While Turkey Point Unit 3 started shutdown on Saturday morning ahead of tropical storm winds from Hurricane Irma, Turkey Point Unit 4 reportedly shut itself down “just before Sunday evening due to a valve issue“, according to Roger Hannah (US NRC) on the NRC blog [1]. Rather frighteningly, at “St. Lucie, also in Florida, operators are reducing power on Unit 1 due to salt buildup on insulators in the switchyard that supplies offsite power and plant employees are working to resolve this situation. St. Lucie Unit 2 remains at full power“, writes Hannah (NRC).

St. Lucie Nuclear Power Station sits on a barrier island.

The blog…

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September 11 Energy News



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Bruce Mansfield Power Plant (Post-Gazette image)

¶ “Good news! Energy demand will peak for the first time in human history” • Global energy demand will plateau from 2030, oil demand will flatten from 2020 and then decline significantly, the shift to renewable energy will be quicker and more massive than most people realize, according to findings of DNV GL’s Energy Transition Outlook. [HuffPost]

¶ “Nationals demand “coal target” as energy politics spirals into loony fog” • It seems unbelievable, but the politics of energy just got…

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