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Nuclear and climate news to 2nd September

Climate change remains the greatest global threat – because it is getting close to irreversible. But the nuclear threat is pretty big too. This month, nations can ratify the UN  treaty on the prohibition of nuclear . It is not too late for more countries to join the treaty. It will be open for signatures from any UN member state on 20 September during the annual general assembly.

The North Korean nuclear crisis doesn’t go away.  North Korea’s missile development continues, as USA intensifies its war games on North Korea’s doorstep. One small slip-up could bring nuclear catastrophe.

Floods continue, affecting at least 41 million people in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.  In America, the Houston flood introduces the age of climate chaos for the “developed”world.

Nobel Prize winners proclaim the gravest threats to humanity as ‘Donald Trump, nuclear war and climate change’   The connection between cyclones and climate change.

Nearing a Trillion Watts: By End 2017, Global Wind + Solar Capacity Will be 2.4 Times That of Nuclear.

Dr Jim Green debunks the hype about Generation IV new nukes.

USA. Nuclear    Trump – “all options on the table“, after North Korea’s missile test, flying over Japan.  Most Americans would be fine with dropping a nuclear weapon on an Iranian city  America’s Military Now Run by Military Industrial Complex Lobbyists? Trump spending up big on nuclear weapons– House Armed Services Committee member accuses Trump of rushing nuclear contracts. America’s new fuze nuclear weapons system threatens world stability.

Potential for nuclear disaster at South Texas’ nuclear reactors. Nuclear workers sticking to their posts at South Texas Nuclear Reactors.

Duke Energy Florida is just the latest utility to walk away from nuclear, – and towards solar.

USA Climate USA government to abolish climate change envoy. Donald Trump nominates a vocal climate denier, non scientist Sam Clovis as Chief Scientist. USA coastal properties to lose value because of climate change? Texas Wind Turbines Produce More Electricity Than Its 4 Nuclear Reactors

NORTH KOREA. North Korea Fires 3 Missiles Over Japan As Northern Viper Exercise Ends. Media ignores North Korea’s offers to negotiate, give up nuclear weapons.  North Korea ramps up the sabre rattling.

AFGHANISTAN. In Afghanistan, climate change is as big a threat as terrorism.

JAPANDeath of Sumiteru Taniguchi, Nagasaki Survivor and Nuclear Arms Foe.  Water plan to remove Fukushima fuel is ‘not viable’ .

UK. UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) upgrading Trident nuclear warhead to make it even more destructive. Doctors and scientists call on the government to join the international nuclear weapons ban treaty.   A WW2 unexploded bomb found near to Hinkley nuclear station – for the 3rd time!  A historic chimney is set for demolition at Sellafield.  Climate change threats to Scotland.

IRAN. Iran Complies With Nuclear Deal says UN monitor, contradicting Trump. U.N. nuclear watchdog sees no need to check Iran military sites.

GERMANY. Iodine tablets for German communities near Belgian nuclear reactor.

RUSSIA. Russia marketing nuclear power to Bangladesh – will take back the wastes.

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