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For the first time, the nuclear lobby states the essential role of ‘peaceful’ nuclear energy in nuclear weapons making

American experts say that US nuclear might depends crucially on the
civilian use of atomic energy, and believe the country will lose its place
as the world’s nuclear superpower if it does not support its nuclear
industry. The link between the civil nuclear industry and the military’s
ability to maintain its nuclear weapons capability is spelt out in a report
by experts close to the Pentagon.

It states openly that tritium, an essential component of nuclear weapons, is manufactured in civilian
reactors for military use. It also says that civilian reactors are needed
to produce highly enriched uranium.

The Washington-based Energy Futures Initiative report, says that Russia and China, which are both building
civil nuclear stations outside their national borders, will overtake
America both in influence and ability to deliver a nuclear threat unless
steps are taken to prop up the civil nuclear programme at home.

This is the first time that the dependence of nuclear weapons states on their civil
nuclear programmes has been so clearly spelt out.

Governments, particularly the United Kingdom’s, have repeatedly claimed there is no connection
between the civil and military nuclear industries, but this report makes
clear that is not the case. “With renewable costs tumbling and the
international nuclear industry in growing crisis, it is becoming ever more
difficult to carry on concealing this key underlying military reason for
attachment to civil nuclear power”


August 25, 2017 - Posted by | USA, weapons and war

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