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Poll shows that most Americans oppose military threats against North Korea

Poll: Most Americans oppose military threats against North Korea, Gephardt Daily, By United Press International – August 21, 2017  Aug. 21 (UPI)  The majority of Americans oppose U.S. military threats against North Korea, according to a new poll. But that opinion changes if diplomatic efforts fail to solve the rift between the two countries.

The CBS News poll found that 59 percent of Americans believe the U.S. “should not” threaten military action against North Korea, while 33 percent said it should.

Among Republicans, however, those numbers are almost reversed. The poll found that 63 percent of GOP supporters believe the U.S. should threaten military action, while 30 percent said it should not.

Among Democrats, the vast majority — 82 percent — said the U.S. should not threaten military action, while only 11 percent said military threats are the right thing to do.

Independents tended to reflect the national average, with 58 percent against military threats and 33 percent in favor.

However, the poll also found that most Americans are in favor of military action if diplomacy doesn’t work…..

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