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Hanford Nuclear Site: After President Trump’s Budget Proposal Comes up Short, Sen. Murray’s Proposal For A Nearly $200 Million Increase for Nuclear Waste Cleanup Goes To Full Senate Vote

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Hanford Tunnel cave-in photo May 9th 2017 Hanford gov
These nuclear clean-up sites need to be handled either by non-profits/not-for-profits or directly by government. There is no room for profit in nuclear waste. Every penny needs to be for clean-up and securing waste. If every penny were for clean-up and securing waste or if the charges were fair, would there be a budget short-fall? Maybe not. If so it would be smaller and almost certainly be due to better quality waste clean-up/storage. Energy Solutions, owned by Trump fundraiser-large donor Doug Kimmelman, is a site contractor, as is the French State via AREVA. Why is France making a profit off of US waste?

Whoever was responsible for the old plutonium PUREX waste tunnels was apparently too cheap to put ground movement sensors, which should not cost much, and would have warned prior to collapse. This suggests that the taxpayer’s pocketbook and…

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