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Hanford: Second Nuclear Waste Tunnel At High Risk of Collapse As Trump Aims To Remove Protective NM Perimeter; Trump Budget Fails To Adequately Fund Cleanup

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After the PUREX (Plutonium Uranium Extraction Plant) tunnel collapsed it was filled with sand and dirt and covered with what looks like plastic tarp “large protective ground-cover

Hanford Cleanup Priorities July 7th Comment Deadline: Trump Budget Wouldn’t Fund All Legal Requirements Even Prior to Tunnel Collapse in May.

Meanwhile, the Hanford Reach “National Monument” which adds a bit of extra protective barrier from such accidents is on Trump’s chopping block along with 26 others. Comment Deadline is July 10th:

Purex Tunnels Central Location

Hanford Reach “National Monument” Map

PUREX Tunnels

Click to access PUREX_Tunnels_Posters-2.pdf

Hanford PUREX Tunnel No. 2 under construction

Click to access CHPRC-03365_R0_T2.pdf

The [Hanford,Reach] Monument is also a reminder of our history as a nation. Plutonium reactors stand along the river, remnants of WWII and the Cold War. Plutonium from B Reactor fueled “Fat Man,” the…

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