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NASA spending $millions on plan for nuclear reactors on Mars

NASA to place NUCLEAR REACTOR on Mars to help humans colonise Red Planet NASA is working on an £11 million project that will see the space agency develop nuclear fission reactors on Mars. Express UK  By SEAN MARTIN, 4 July 17, As humanity gears up to make a move across the solar system, with some experts believing the Red Planet could be in the midst of a colonisation process by 2030, space agencies are preparing ways to sustain life.

One of the necessities for life to be built and sustained on Mars will be power, which is why Nasa is working on nuclear fission reactors that could work on Earth’s next door neighbour.

Nasa has already built the small 6’5” reactors which they will soon test on Earth, and if all goes to plan, could be shipped off to Mars in the future.

The reactors work by splitting uranium atoms in half which generate huge amounts of power – which will be needed to generate oxygen, light, heat, electricity and even water…….


July 5, 2017 - Posted by | technology, USA

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