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Need for security of America’s nuclear arsenal. U.S. Air Force planning to set up protction

Air Force to “Cyber-Secure” Nuclear Arsenal, SCOUT WARRIOR, 2 Jul 17, Modernizing computer networks for the nuclear arsenal is part of the current Air Force plan to build as many as 400 new Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, or ICBMs, to serve through the 2070s.

The Air Force is seeking more interactions with private sector firms to build better networks for securing nuclear weapons computer systems, service officials said.

Air Force engineers say protection of computer networks is well established in many ways, but that the service needs to widen its scope with greater focus on IT dimensions to its nuclear arsenal’s command and control apparatus.

“Information technology that touches weapons systems needs to be cyber secure, updated and patched. Worldwide nuclear systems are one example of where we need to get an overhaul,” Peter Kim, Air Force Chief Information Security Officer, told Scout Warrior in an interview.

The need to adjust nuclear arsenal computer systems was further emphasized in a recently announced U.S. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board Study on the topic that will be released in 2017….


July 3, 2017 - Posted by | safety, USA

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