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Trump Donor-Fundraiser Loses Antitrust Case: U.S. District Court Blocks EnergySolutions’ Acquisition of WCS Nuclear Waste Site (June 21, 2017 Ruling)

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WCS west Texas nuclear waste dump

Energy Solutions, owned by Trump large donor Doug Kimmelman, wants to take-over competitor WCS in clear violation of antitrust law. Thus, The United States of America, acting under the direction of the Attorney General of the United States, brings this civil antitrust action to enjoin EnergySolutions, Inc. (“ES”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Rockwell Holdco, Inc. (“Rockwell”), from acquiring Waste Control Specialists LLC (“WCS”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Andrews County Holdings, Inc.
Energy Solutions Clive Nuclear Waste Dump :
(San Onofre Nuclear steam generators were sent to Clive.)

Energy Solutions Barnwell site

Vigilance is still required in case of Appeal. EnergySolutions is privately held and thus is more difficult than average to monitor-hold accountable. Better WCS return to the public now, than later. Nuclear waste needs to be managed as not for profit. Both WCS and EnergySolutions are costly and…

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