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Global nuclear lobby ponders on what is the best sort of nuclear propaganda

The psychology of nuclear power: Stop saying it’s safe, Power Technology, by Molly Lempriere, 30 May 17 

At the end of this year’s Nuclear Industry Forum, talk turned to the psychology of nuclear propaganda, including why – as Imperial University fellow Malcolm Grimston explains -calling it safe is not always a good thing. The aircraft industry amongst others learnt a long time ago that you do not lead your advertising with your weak points. That is why it does not often emphasis safety on its adverts but instead focuses on the joys of the holiday you are flying too.

Imperial University Centre for Environmental Policy senior research fellow Malcolm Grimston believes that this is something the nuclear industry needs to learn. Faced with criticism over the safety of nuclear power from charities, groups and individuals, the nuclear industry long ago embarked on a campaign to try and convince the public of its inherent safety. But this approach has been ineffectual according to Grimston………

What is the best type of propaganda?

So how can the nuclear industry really convey its importance and use, as well as safety to the masses in an effective way? “It’s not a matter of trying to play up problems that are out there, it’s a matter of saying this is something that has some very positive points that can contribute towards finding the solution to some of the difficulties out there,” suggests Grimston.

As nuclear new build Hinkley Point begins construction in the UK, it will be interesting to see if the nuclear industry leads with the old safe message, a more emotive take, or nothing at all.

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