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Canadian town wants upgraded nuclear response plan, – too close to American nuclear station

Amherstburg Wants Nuclear Response Plan Update, Blackburn News, The town of Amherstburg is hoping to get provincial cooperation as it updates its nuclear response plan. The town has delegated the responsibility of updating the plan to deputy fire chief Lee Tome, who has been lobbying the province to put some cash behind a plan update, as well as draft guidelines similar to those already in place at the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station in Tiverton.  These guidelines would be set in the event of a nuclear incident at the nearby Fermi II nuclear power plant in Michigan.

Amherstburg Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says the town has pretty much been on its own as far as coming up with an emergency response plan.

“We obviously do not have that kind of control, as it’s in the United States,” says DiCarlo.  “So when you read the provincial guidelines, they’re very specific to the nuclear plant in the province, and we don’t have that.”

The current plan places responsibility for a response to a nuclear accident at Fermi on the shoulders of the town.  The updated plan would reduce the primary emergency zone from the current 23km to the standard 16km that is the U.S. standard, as well as provide for distribution of the K-I pill, a potassium iodide tablet taken to reduce or prevent the effects of radioactivity.  A report on the updated plan was presented to Amherstburg town council on Tuesday night.

DiCarlo, though, has a hard time understanding why the province has not recognized the unusual situation Amherstburg is in.

“As I understand it, we are the only one in Canada with exposure from another country, so we are very unique,” says DiCarlo. …..


May 26, 2017 - Posted by | Canada, safety

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