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South Dakota: Dewey-Burdock ISL Uranium Mining Aquifer Exemption Comment Deadline Extended to June 19th (Midnight)

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The deadline was listed at midnight on Friday May 19th, apparently one minute to Saturday, but it’s not clear. It was just extended to June 19th, midnight. Normally they should put 11.59 pm to make it clear, but this is now Trumpistan la-la land.

Supposedly this is about Class III and V, but appears to be Class III and IV, “Dewey-Burdock Class III and Class V Injection Well Draft Area Permits

* Class III wells are used to inject fluids to dissolve and extract minerals.
* Class IV wells are shallow wells used to inject hazardous or radioactive wastes into or above a geologic formation that contains a USDW. 
* Class V wells are used to inject non-hazardous fluids underground. Most Class V wells are used to dispose of wastes into or above underground sources of drinking water

Cameco Crow Butte ISL (In Situ Leach)…

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