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Africa well situated to be a world leader in renewable energy

Africa can be a leader in renewable energy – GNA, 8 May 17  Mr Bill McKibben, Co-Founder of, says African countries could be great leaders in the use of renewable energy sources globally if they commited to using their resources.

He said countries that progressed fast in the use of renewable energy would lead in the future and Africa was blessed with vast amounts of sunlight and wind to lead in that regard.

Speaking at a press conference organised by 350 Ghana- Reducing our Carbon (G-ROC) he said Germany and other Scandinavian countries were investing heavily in renewable energy, with Germany having 85 percent of its energy mix in renewable energy.

Mr McKibben said climate change, which was caused by the use of fossil fuels, was the greatest crisis the world had ever faced and could also be the greatest opportunity for socio-economic development in Africa if its leaders increased efforts at prioritising renewable energy.

He said Africa had to choose the use of Solar Energy over other forms such as Nuclear, coal or other fossil fuels.

He explained that nuclear energy was very expensive and took decades to build. “Africa can make good use of the sunshine”, he added. Mr Mckibben said although investing in Solar Energy panels could be expensive in the beginning, it was worth it in the long run since the energy from the sun would be for free, saying “that is the cheapest deal”.

He said the cost of installing solar systems had reduced greatly in the last ten years, making solar energy the cheapest alternative for energy generation, both for individual households and for feeding into national grids, especially for countries like Ghana, which had an abundance of sunshine……..


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