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Is the nuclear lobby sulking?

Usually the nuclear lobby hides itself under touchy feely lovely environmental names  like “Ecomodernism”, “Environmental progress” “Bright New World”, and you have to read on for ages to find out what they’re really all about – promoting nuclear power.

So it was kind of refreshing when “Generation Atomic” showed up , joining the March For Science, pretending that nuclear power is the cure for climate change.

But, when it came to the March For Climate, they took a different tack. Apparently unable to get a contingent together to push their “nuclear for climate” theme, the nuclear lobby, particularly led by Michael Shellenger and Rod Adams urged people NOT TO MARCH.

Their new schtick is to attack environmental groups, such as Sierra Club,, and NRDC, Bill McKibben, any environmental group that doesn’t push nuclear power as the solution – and that’s just about ALL of them!

They claim that environmentalists are funded by fossil fuel industries –  the implication is that anti nuclear people are just stooges of the fossil fuel lobby  – (despite all of us strenuously opposing those polluting industries!)

May 1, 2017 - Posted by | spinbuster

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