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Teetering on the brink, and other nuclear and climate news

You wonder how long the world can teeter on the brink – Donald Trump says:  Chance of ‘major, major conflict’ with North KoreaUnprepared President Trump risks blundering into nuclear war. But Why so little public protest on the current threats of nuclear war?  Have we all got nuclear-war-fear fatigue? Or, in Australia, it is the football season.

Investigative journalism lives! – Time to pay attention to long term effects of low dose ionising radiation. The radioactive berry harvests of Chernobyl.

Trump says that Kim Jong Un ‘is a problem that needs to be finally solved’, sends Cruise missile-carrying nuclear submarine to South Korea. China’s strong warning to North Korea against another nuclear weapons test. Japanese buying nuclear shelters and radiation-blocking air purifiers, in fear of nuclear attack. Just 10 minutes to prepare for a North Korean nuclear attack, Japan’s government says. The multi-million death toll that would result from a pre-emptive strike on North Korea. Close to human extinction – a nuclear war warning from Ex-CIA operative Valerie Plame.

Plutonium in space – the danger in space probes.

USA.   America’s anti-ballistic missile systems capable of nuclear strike against Russia, China.  Nuclear energy utilities NextEra, FPL lose lawsuit over $97.5 million in nuclear-related tax refunds Nuclear bomb drill in New Jersey.  

American scientists march to save science.  Florida’s nightmare outlook with climate change.   9 year old boy persisting in suing Donald Trump over his climate policies. Heartland Institute’s misinformation campaign into schools.

CANADA. Emergency exercises in Ottawa and Nova Scoria: testing how to respond to a nuclear threat.

INDIA. Duration of Indian Hot Season Nearly Doubles as Crushing Drought and Heat Expand Across the Subcontinent.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korea: All major candidates vow to stop building new reactors.


RUSSIA. Children Still Endangered by Chernobyl Radiation in Russia; Russia Pretends Area Has Improved; Removes Medical, Social Insurance and Compensation. Russia Continues Crusade Against Environmental Groups in Run-up to Earth Day.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa’s Eskom nuclear plan set back, as Judge rules nuclear decisions unlawful.

UKRAINE.   Chernobyl’s massive steel arch – temporary protection against ionising radiation.

JAPAN. 80% of voluntary Fukushima disaster evacuees outside pref. unwilling to return home.    Japan reconstruction minister quits after inappropriate comment on disaster zone. The scandalous deficiency of the health scheme in Fukushima.   Tests to start on radioactive soil for use in reconstruction.  Japan’s very big problem of nuclear wastes from its failed Tokai Reprocessing Plant.  High contamination in Namie, Fukushima

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