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South Africa – Zuma’s Late Night Cabinet Reshuffle: Putin-Rosatom Nuclear Coup?

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One plausible reason for the aggressive push for an expanded nuclear fleet is a political union between Russian President Vladimir Putin and South African President Jacob Zuma, who is whispered to be at the core of the nuclear drive. The evidence that the odds are focused at Russia’s favor in the bidding process is overwhelming; with the Intergovernmental Framework Agreement with Russia being concluded first and in far more detail than the other agreements.” (Excerpt from Dominique Doyle of EarthLife Africa in )

Rosatom is a State Corporation and thus is subordinate to the Russian President, rather than the government.


Last year:

From Greenpeace Africa:
Greenpeace reacts to Zuma’s late night cabinet reshuffle
Press release – March 31, 2017
31 March 2017, Johannesburg: Reacting to the late night cabinet reshuffle undertaken by President Zuma, Greenpeace Africa had the following to say:

“Greenpeace Africa…

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