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On foreign affairs, Trump’s ignorance is cause for concern

Trump has antagonized the leaders of allied countries like Mexico, Australia and Germany, and he has repeatedly demonstrated an extraordinary lack of knowledge about foreign affairs.

This is the president who faces what Warren Christopher, President Clinton’s first secretary of state, called problems from hell. A partial list, compiled by Project Syndicate, includes: intensifying conflicts and dissent within the European Union; the rise of illiberal forces, including welfare chauvinism and exclusionary nationalismthe danger to the continued independence of the buffer states surrounding Russia; a frayed consensus in support of western liberal democratic principlesaggression from a nuclear-armed North Korea and counter threats from the Trump administration of a pre-emptive strike; a foreign policy that The Economist reports has left America’s allies “aghast” — a policy that “seems determined to destroy many of the institutions and alliances created in the past half century.”


When the President Is Ignorant of His Own Ignorance, NYT  MARCH 30, 2017 How prepared is our president for the next great foreign, economic or terrorist crisis?

April 1, 2017 - Posted by | politics international, USA

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  1. I’m as worried an anyone, but I would also remind you that for the most part Trump inherited a foreign policy mess. Conflicts all across the globe…Syria, Ukraine, Sudan, South China Sea, Middle East. With this many problems, it stands to reason that we don’t really have many problems, but one problem…we don’t know how to conduct a proper foreign policy. We dine with dictators at the United Nations, just stumped at all the misbehaving dictators. We need to try something fundamentally different, specifically this…

    Not only can I not think of a better plan, I can’t think of ANY other plan. Our options are limited.

    Comment by Gary Stark | April 2, 2017 | Reply

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