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New nuclear front group “Environmental Progress” still takes a dim view of the nuclear industry’s future

The Future of Nuclear by Michael Shellenberger“……My colleagues and I wanted to get an accurate account of nuclear status based on a nation-by-nation, plant-by-plant assessment, and so over the last three months we researched and have now rated for the likelihood of opening and closing:

·      Every operating nuclear plant in the world;
·      Every nuclear plant being built;
·      Every nuclear plant being proposed.

We conclude that if nothing changes, more nuclear plants are likely to close than open between now and 2030.

If our forecast is correct, it would be a continuation of nuclear’s absolute decline since 2006, and an acceleration of its relative decline (as a share of total global electricity) since 1996……

The truth about nuclear is quite simple. Only nuclear power can lift all humans out of poverty …….  renewables are no substitute for either nuclear or fossil fuels……

Nor is the economics of nuclear much of an obstacle when it comes to building new nuclear plants…..

 if we are to make a comeback, we have to confront reality. Almost all of nuclear’s problems — including the ones that have been self-inflicted — come from anti-nuclear advocates who lie to journalists, policymakers and the public, and manipulate their fears….


March 25, 2017 - Posted by | spinbuster, USA

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