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The Glowing Waters of the Arabian Sea are Killing off Ocean Life


“The fish are migrating. They can’t get enough air here.” — Saleh al-Mashari, captain of a researcher vessel in the Gulf of Oman


They are an ancient, primordial race of tiny organisms called noctiluca scintillans. And for millenia they have lived undisturbed in the deep waters between Oman and India. But as human fossil fuel burning forced the world to warm, this 1.2 billion year old species was dredged up from the deep.

Growing atmospheric and ocean heat fed the great storms that make up India’s southern monsoon. And as these storms intensified, they churned the waters of the Gulf of Oman, drawing the ancient noctiluca scintillans up from below. As these dinoflaggelates reached the surface they encountered more food in the form of plankton even as they gained access to more sunlight.

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FBI Doc on Russian Mafia Mogilevich Org Tied to Tochtachunov, Genovese – All Tied to Trump, At Least Indirectly (Mogilevich Org Planned to Dump Waste at Chernobyl Too)

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Trump has ties, at least indirectly, to Mogilevich via Trump Tower Toronto (Shnaider employer and father-in-law, Birshtein) and the alleged mafia protector (Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov) of the gambling ring run, at least in part, out of Trump Tower 5th Ave., and via the Genovese Crime Family (Trump lawyer and friend Roy Cohn represented for them). All of whom are alleged by the FBI as working with Mogilevich, as shown in the document pages (about half) below. Further details of the ties are found below the screen shots. Interesting the mention of vodka, since Trump has or had a vodka brand. Also, trafficking in nuclear materials; the mention of KGB; the mention of fraudulent Israeli passports. Recall that his first wife, mother to Ivanka, is supposed to be from the Czech Republic. Chernobyl mentioned on p. 13. It does not say if it was carried out.

Cohn had a 30-year…

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13 US Senators Still Want FCC Head Ajit Pai to Answer If Agrees with Trump Assertion that Media is the “Enemy of the American People” Plus Other Concerns

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Commerce Dems Demand Answers From Pai
Friday, March 10, 2017

Washington (March 3, 2017) – Democrats on the Senate Commerce Committee pressed Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai today to answer pointed questions about his views on the news media and ability to be an independent regulator over the industry.

The letter, led by ranking member Bill Nelson (D-FL) and signed by the panel’s 13 Democrats, comes in the wake of Pai’s refusal to answer questions from Sens. Tom Udall (D-NM) and Maggie Hassan (D-NH) during the panel’s FCC oversight hearing on Wednesday.  Specifically, he was asked whether he agreed with President Trump’s assertion that the media was the “enemy of the American people.” 

Pai’s recent renomination to another 5-year term by the president is now pending before the Commerce Committee.
“Media independence is a hallmark of this great nation – which is why it is troubling to…

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March 19 Energy News



¶ “The old, dirty, creaky US electric grid would cost $5 trillion to replace. Where should infrastructure spending go?” • By the author’s analysis, the current (depreciated) value of the US electric grid, comprising power plants, wires, transformers and poles, is roughly $1.5 to $2 trillion. To replace it would cost almost $5 trillion. [Salon]

Power lines (indigoskies / flickr, CC BY-NC-ND)

¶ “Can NYC Reach Its Renewable Energy Storage Goals?” Sustainable CUNY published a roadmap for New York City to reach its energy storage targets, using resilient solar technology. Unlike normal grid-tied solar power, resilient solar can function when the electric grid is down, such as during the period after Hurricane Sandy. [Yahoo Finance]

¶ “Coal isn’t dead, but job prospects dim” • The battered US coal industry is showing flickering signs of life. Yet the prognosis for Big Coal remains dim. With the…

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Climate Change Facts and Figures

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Here’s an excellent video/graph showing atmospheric CO2 changes through time.

The next video shows how global CO2 levels change around the world.

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March 18 Energy News



¶ “Trump’s budget sabotages America’s best chance to add millions of high-wage jobs” • President Trump’s budget slashes investment in clean energy ,  the world’s biggest new source of sustainable high-wage jobs. Meanwhile, China’s five-year energy budget invests $360 billion in renewable generation by 2020, creating 13 million jobs. [ThinkProgress]

Please click on the image to enlarge it.

Science and Technology:

¶ Wind and solar can provide power at or below the cost of traditional sources in a growing number of countries, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency. This makes renewables more appealing for countries seeking to meet growing electricity demand while decarbonizing their energy systems. [Energy Live News]

¶ The biofuel industry has had its ups and downs, so the latest news from NASA should warm a few hearts. The US aerospace agency has just released the results of a new…

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Signals of Climate Change Visible as Record Fires Give Way to Massive Floods in Peru

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GR:  Peru is suffering through a series of global warming weather extremes. It would be interesting to getHumboldt’sresponse to what is happening now, 215 years after he visited Peru.

“We’ve rarely seen this kind of rapid and quick change in climatic conditions.” — Juber Ruiz, Peru’s Civil Defense Institute

“During September through November, wildfires tore across parts of drought-stricken Peru.

“Peru’s Amazon was then experiencing its worst dry period in 20 years. And, at the time, over 100,000 acres of rainforest and farmland was consumed by flash fires. Rainforest species, ill-adapted to fires, were caught unawares. And a tragic tale of charred remains of protected species littering a once-lush, but now smoldering, wood spread in the wake of the odd blazes.

(Last November, wildfires burned through the Amazon rainforest in Peru as a record drought left the region bone-dry. From Drought Now Spans the Globe. Image source:…

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Meet Sherri Goodman, who in two words made the military care about climate change

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Gr: The U. S. military takes the “threat multiplier” effect of climate change very seriously. Here’s why.

“The Age of Consequences” Climate Film and Speaking Tour

“The Buzzfeed story lead says it all: “Meet the woman whose two-word catchphrase made the military care about climate” . That woman is Sherri Goodman, and she will be in Australia in early April. And the film about climate change and the military will be on ABC TV’s 4 Corners next Monday night.

“The national security dimension of climate change receives little attention in Australia, but is the subject of intense focus overseas, particularly in the United States. Climate change interacts with other pre-existing problems to become an accelerant to instability in unexpected ways. Scarce resources, growing water scarcity, declining crop yields, rising food prices, extreme weather events and health impacts become catalysts for instability and conflict, especially in Asia. This has profound implications…

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