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Russia Plans to Fuel Floating Nuclear Reactor(s) in St. Petersburg – Endangering the City of 5 Million, Before Towing It Around Scandinavia

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Russian State owned Rosatom, which answers directly to the President of Russia (Putin). Thus, it appears more accurate to say Putin Plans. He/it has recently forced an expensive, unwanted, nuclear power station upon Bulgaria through international legal action, and is building reactors in Iran, Turkey, and elsewhere. As Toshiba-Westinghouse’s probable bankruptcy shows, the nuclear industry cannot survive in free markets, even where it gets massive subsidies. The US taxpayer may lose part of its $8.3 billion loan given for reactors. French State owned Areva is undergoing massive injections of money but must answer, somewhat, to the French parliament. Russian State owned Rosatom is unique – it only answers to the Executive, i.e. Putin. Apart from free speech issues, this is the single biggest reason not to be owned by Putin.

From Greenpeace: “Greenpeace protests against the launch of fueling of a nuclear power plant inside the city of St…

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