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Springfields-Preston and Fukushima

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Excellent 2 minute video by Radiation Free Lakeland

Marianne Birkby of Radiation Free Lakeland explains that Springfields near Preston, UK, makes nuclear fuel for the entire UK, as well as Japan, Finland, and the USA. It does uranium conversion (to uranium hexafluoride, i.e., hex, as well.) She points out that John Gofman, who worked with the Manhattan Project, called nuclear power licensed, premeditated, murder, and wonders how many more Fukushimas will it take until people say enough! She also discusses the dangers of MOX.

Springfields was the worlds first nuclear fuel manufacturer and makes nuclear fuel (and converts uranium) for many countries worldwide including Japan.  We believe it is no accident that Springfields and Toshiba/Westinghouse’s key role in Fukushima (and Windscale and other nuclear catastrophes) goes well under the radar.  That silence takes a lot of effort from vested interests.“.

Note that Westinghouse is majority owned by…

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