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Tomorrow we stand at Springfields, the birthplace of the nuclear nightmare, to Remember Fukushima


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Dear Friends,   Tomorrow, March 11th, is the sixth anniversary of the ongoing Fukushima disaster in Japan.  Members of Radiation Free Lakeland invite people to join us in a vigil outside the Springfields nuclear fuel plant in Preston at 2.30pm March 11th (just 5 miles from the PNR frack site).  We will be at Kirkham railway station at 2.00 for car shares to the site.

Springfields was the worlds first nuclear fuel manufacturer and makes nuclear fuel (and converts uranium) for many countries worldwide including Japan.  We believe it is no accident that Springfields and Toshiba/Westinghouse’s key role in Fukushima (and Windscale and other nuclear catastrophes) goes well under the radar.  That silence takes a lot of effort from vested interests.   We hope that people can join us and be silent no longer.  Tomorrow we stand at the birthplace of the nuclear nightmare.  We stand in solidarity with people all over…

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  1. It says that “When Dr. Kaltofen began analyzing radioactive measurements from a jacket worn by a radioactive debris worker, he found evidence that between 111 and 240 Bq/kg of Cesium 134 and 137 (134Cs + 137Cs) had contaminated the worker’s clothes,” which is really bad.

    However, the British, Canadians and Australians are supposed to eat 1000 Bq/kg of Cesium and Americans 1200 Bq/kg Cesium all of the time! The Germans 500 to 600 Bq/kg Cesium all of the time. And, the EU much higher in the event of a nuclear emergency! We are supposed to eat more than what is on the clothes of the Fukushima workers!

    Japanese are only allowed to eat 100 Bq/kg for all radionuclides, which is probably higher than should be allowed. Since 1998, for the US all radionuclides all of the time is 1500 Bq/kg before the government intervenes. This is three or four times higher than what was allowed post-Chernobyl when FAO recommended that radiation in food be allowed so as not to stop the Ukraine from exporting its grain.

    Comment by miningawareness | March 11, 2017 | Reply

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