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Nuclear Shutdown News

Nuclear Shutdown News – February 2017, San Diego Free Press
MARCH 2, 2017  BY “…….Most likely US nukes to shut down in 2017?

Last October Bloomberg News reported that the following US nuclear plants are likely to shut down this year, some as early as May:

-First Energy’s Davis Besse nuke in Ohio. It started up in 1978.

– First Energy’s almost 40 year old Beaver Valley nuke in Pennsylvania.

-Exelon’s Three Mile Island reactor (the one that didn’t melt down in 1979), which started up in 1974.

– Exelon’s two Byron reactors in Illinois, whose startups were in 85 and 87.

Bloomberg explained that these 4 nuke plants are no longer money makers, but are submitting bids to an electrical distribution company for an auction this spring. If their bids are no accepted, “they could face closure.”

Sources: Bloomberg News,;chemical


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